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Steve Kaplan
Steve Kaplan

Steve Kaplan had a chance encounter on a routine business flight with a man named Corey Hochman, an ophthalmologist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. A seemingly innocuous conversation revealed that Messrs. Kaplan and Hochman together had what it took to turn an exciting new endeavor into reality.

Mr. Hochman had the vision for a new company, which he developed when a friend of his was sitting in a coffee shop and became smitten by a cute girl passing by. Corey Hochman’s friend asked him if there could be a very simple tool to get in touch with her in order for her see his messages online. The concept was intriguing and fun; their team continued to develop the tool to be applicable to businesses and group gifts as well as individuals. At the time Steve Kaplan met Mr. Hochman, he was about to sign with a development deal but was not yet sure who should be awarded the contract. Mr. Kaplan explored the idea with him, and they both agreed that their chance meeting on the flight that day was fortuitous for them both. This was the meeting that sparked the idea for the social gifting website, Steve Kaplan is now partner and co-founder of Card Truth LLC.

This new platform is a social gifting and messaging tool that provides the users with new ways to communicate age old messages like to express thanks, love or show someone you are thinking of them. Users can choose a buzzword, select the recipient, enter the message, and immediately send their message! Members can use CardTruth as a social gifting platform and attach a gift car if desired.

This project was Steve Kaplan’s first collaboration with Sumit Ghosh and Globusoft. It required the effort of many people to complete, including starting completely over at one point when CardTruth was adopted by Creavos, who is credited for rebuilding the project from the ground up, a true undertaking. As a consultative salesman with a true desire to do good for others, Steve Kaplan feels blessed to use his skills to work with some of the world’s most talented people who are all masters of their craft.

How does this experience apply to your project?

Mr. Kaplan notes that companies often sit around the board room table passively trying to brain storm these answers, when their audience has already provided them answers on a silver platter. Most companies’ have user interaction analytics and user reporting that helps to provide insights into their businesses; however, this is only helpful if one knows how to organize and use the data. Steve Kaplan is a digital communications expert with a specialty for Guerrilla marketing, inbound marketing, marketing and sales communication as well as multi-screen campaign optimization. He is also an expert in human resources management, planning, development and software processes integrations.

Steve Kaplan helps companies to find the answer to two questions: “What’s working?” and “What do you want to do better?” He produces company specific, tailored solutions using cutting edge technology and smart management. His addiction to analytics and intelligence helps companies by focusing on technology and utilizing it properly to gain that competitive edge every corporation seeks.